How do I select my own roommate?

UCSB Housing & Residential Services accepts requests for mutually preferred roommates. Requests are submitted through the personal preferences process that is accessed via the Applications page. Students wishing to request specific roommate(s) must list the Perm Numbers of each requested roommate on the Personal Preference form, which can be edited until June 15. Please be sure to have the correct perm numbers for all requested roommates by this date. Roommate’s names and phone numbers are included in the room assignment notices that will be released in late August / early September.
If you don’t have a roommate lined up, we ask 12 life‐style questions to match you with a roommate. You’ll be assigned a random processing order. When your turn comes, the computer program looks at your preferences for halls and room types and assigns your highest choice that is still available and then matches you with a roommate.


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