Big & Small, Safety is For All

December 14, 2016

Emergency Preparedness & Community Resource Fair

Just a few days before the start of the Fall Quarter, Family Student Housing had its Welcome Event, the Emergency Preparedness and Community Resource Fair. This community-wide event is held each year at Storke Family Housing, and is open to residents from both of our family student complexes, Storke and West Campus.

It is a tradition that Santa Barbara County Fire (Station 17 on campus), UCPD and emergency personnel from campus and Santa Barbara County come out to our community to interact with our residents. We hold the event both to introduce our young residents to fully-dressed firefighters and emergency personnel to reduce fear in the case of an actual emergency, as well as to strengthen resident-police relations. Residents were educated on emergency procedures and features of our complexes.

We also had a Community Resource component to the event to inform our residents of resources available to them outside of the UCSB campus. Several local agencies came to educate residents on what services they offer, and how residents can get involved in the local community.

This was a great opportunity for students and their families to come together, to get to know one another, to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year, and to become more aware of community resources and emergency preparedness! Thanks to Mark Rousseau for donating giveaways (flashlights and first aid kits) and for providing emergency preparedness information to our residents, and to GSA for the co-sponsorship.

By Yunuen Gomez and Family Student Housing staff