Get It Fixed

what do you need fixed?
something in my residence
 connecting to the internet 
             my computer          
       landline or cable tv      


For all initial inquiries, go to the Access Photo Ctr in the UCen. Once they scan your card, they can determine your next course of action. If they can't fix it and it concerns accessing your residence, please go to the Operations Svc Ctr near the main Housing office (between DLG and Santa Cruz, across the street from parking lot 5).


To protect our residents, all key requests must be submitted through residence hall front desks or apartment offices.


Please call the phone number on the vending machine or notify the residence front desk.


  • If there is a life threatening emergency call 9-911 or 911.
  • The online maintenance work request system to get something fixed in your residence is NOT for reporting Maintenance Emergencies or Safety Issues.
  • During regular Monday-Friday work hours, please report maintenance emergencies or safety issues to the residence hall front desk, apartment office, or building staff. After hours and weekends report maintenance emergencies to your on-call staff listed under 'after hours' on our Important Numbers page.