Meeting Space availability for student groups varies during the academic year and summer months. As part of our mission, we exist to enhance the learning and living activities of our residents and use of these areas should reflect and reinforce this. Please see below for contact information related to specific areas.

Main Lounges, Classrooms, Pools and Recreation Rooms: www.housing.ucsb.edu/reservations

Loma Pelona Center: http://www.conferences.ucsb.edu/loma-pelona-center

West Conference Center: http://www.conferences.ucsb.edu/west-conference-center

Lawn Requests: Contact either the Hall Council Advisors or the Residence Halls Association during the academic year. The requesting group must also fill out a “Lawn Use Request Form” which they can acquire from the Residential Operations Services Center (805.893.3312 or email osc@housing.ucsb.edu)

Tabling outside of a Dining Commons: Contact the Residence Halls Association for a “Reserving Table Space” form. After the RHA President signs it, the form then needs to be taken to the Dining Commons for the General Manager to approve. Groups are not allowed to table inside the Dining Commons.

If you need to increase your plus plan, you can add $50 increments by going to 1508 Residential Services (next to De La Guerra Dining Commons).

Apply online through our Student Employment website. Or take your current class schedule to the Dining Commons of your choice and speak with the Personnel Manager.

Use NetNutrition to review the menu options and nutritional content of your food selections. This tool can be used to help you make educated food choices at any of our Dining Commons.

It is quick and easy. Place an order online, get hours and closures, and pickup locations  by visiting our sack meals page*. Make sure to place your order online the night before your meal is needed.

*note that the summer sack meal program varies slightly from the academic year.

You may exit the dining room while eating one dessert item, for example ice cream cone, cookie, piece of fruit, etc. All other food and beverages must be consumed inside the dining room, with the exception of coffee at breakfast.

Note that take-out meals are available at Ortega Dining Commons during breakfast and lunch. Visit the take-out meals page for details.

If you have lost your Access Card, to enter any of the dining commons you will need to obtain a meal voucher from one of the following designated locations: front desk at San Nicolas Hall, Santa Catalina North, or De Anza Resource Center at Manzanita Village. A meal voucher is valid for 24 hours and a new Access Card must be obtained from the University Center (UCen) during this time. Visit one of the designated front desks listed above for more details.

Yes. Enjoy a hotdog, nachos, popcorn, and many other foods by using your Plus Dollars at any Concessions events.

Use your Dining Plus dollars at any of our UCSB campus dining eateries. For locations select Meal plans.

Change your meal plan online. Submit your request on the meal plan change form.

Select Off Campus Plan to purchase an off campus meal plan. You may purchase a meal plan at anytime during the quarter by going online.