graduate apartments

When should I apply?

Continuing UC Santa Barbara students apply each year in early January for the following academic year (results available in early February). New graduate students apply each year between March 28 and May 15. New graduate students applying on-time are guaranteed housing (results are available by mid-June).

Can I choose with whom I live?

You can request a roommate that has the same type of contract as you. During the continuing student application process, you can apply with specific roommates. New graduate students can request roommates during the contract process. Actual room and roommate assignments are not made until late summer, so roommate requests can be made and modified through mid-summer.

What should I bring?

The following are items residents often bring that are not included in the apartments: television, dishes, kitchen utensils, sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, desk lamp. You may want to coordinate with your future roommates to avoid unnecessary duplication of items.