Family Student Housing

Is childcare available?

The Oraflea Child Care Center, located on West Campus, provides day care for children of UC Santa Barbara students, staff and faculty ages three months to six years. Since this is a self-supporting operation, fees are charged for services. Scholarships based upon need are available to student families. For additional information, contact (805) 893-3665.

Is it quiet?

Apartments are not soundproof, the walls are thin and sounds travel easily. Our community is encouraged to share our commitment to a healthy and enriching environment for families.

What if I have 2 cars?

Only one parking space is allocated per apartment. You can get on a waiting list for a second vehicle permit after you move in. You are not permitted to park a second car in Family Student Housing parking lots unless and until a second permit is issued. You may purchase a permit to park in one of our other university housing lots.