Welcome New and Returning Gauchos

October 3, 2014
Dining Staff

Welcome, new and returning Gauchos, to a new school year!

I’ve been busy working with our Residential Dining team, getting ready for this school year. We have already introduced some new and exciting foods like Almond Milk, Natural Peanut Butter and Sustainable Tuna. We are also in the midst of planning Sustainability Week (October 20th-24th).
As you are getting accustomed to your new life back (or newly) on campus, remember that doing your best academically means treating your body and mind right! Fueling your body, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and being physical activity, help you do your best.

Since one of my roles is to educate you about nutrition, I thought I would share my personal menu favorites. Believe it or not, I eat on campus Monday through Friday, sometimes two meals a day. Having a creative mind and being open to trying new food has allowed me to be successful in finding healthy options.

Although I eat a variety of foods and items, some of my favorite recipe includes:

Oatmeal. It sounds boring, but I have oatmeal almost every day. Sure oats can be boring, so I always add to my oatmeal. Some of my favorite items to add include the homemade granola at Ortega, raisins or banana, shredded coconut, and almond milk.
Sweet Potatoes. Sweet Potatoes can be found at almost all of the dining commons. I enjoy them plain but sometimes I like to dress it up salsa or sriracha and some shredded cheese.

No matter what Dining Common I eat at I can always make the best salad. I don’t really have a standard salad because I am always switching out options. But here are some of the items I normally include. Spring Mix or Spinach, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, sliced zucchini, beets, whole grain rice, shredded cabbage, shredded cheese, salsa. And then I normally add a prepared salad on top like Mediterranean couscous salad or the tabouli salad. (I omit whole grains if the prepared salad is made with one)

Fish Cake. I love the fish cake at DLG. I always ask for it without the cream sauce. If you want to add your own sauce – trying using a salsa.

Cactus Taco. The cactus taco at Carrillo is another favorite for me. I delicious as is, but I normally add more vegetables!! I like to eat my greens!

Crunchy Fruit Salad- it is a classic. Great at any Dining Commons but you can find it offered weekly at Portola. It is made with sour cream so I try to make sure I have a small portion- but it is always delicious!!

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