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January 31, 2015
Football on Grass

This weekend many Americans will be watching the Patriots vs. Seahawks in the Super Bowl. If you plan on watching the game this weekend you also need to watch out for chips, dips, pizza, nacho, wings and much more. Here are my favorite foods to snack on while watching the game.

1. Guacamole. Not only colorful, but also delicious. This game day favorite is a winner. Avocados are rich in vitamin, minerals, fiber and healthy fats. A tablespoon provides you with about 30 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, which is mostly unsaturated fat and is the healthy fat.

2. The Veggie Platter. It’s always there and it is a game day must. And it provides you with a healthy option. Grab handfuls of cherry tomatoes, snap peas, cucumbers, baby carrots and peppers. Now the only concern I have is what you plan to dip your veggies into. Try to avoid cream based dips like ranch dressing. Instead go for the guacamole or a hummus.

3. Dips. Keep it light. Choose hummus (bean based) instead of cheesy or cream-based dips. Hummus is just 35 calories a tablespoon and less than a gram of saturated fat. Other cream-based dips are high in calories and saturated fat, which can lead to clogged arteries. You can make your own dip or Trader Joes has a great Mediterranean Hummus.

4. Beverage. Be smart with your beverages. You can easily consume at least 500 calories from a few sodas without taking a bite. So leave the beverages to water, iced tea, or seltzer. That way you can enjoy the snacks above. One of my favorite beverage drinks is the lime fizzy water from Trader Joes. You can always make your own by jazzing up sparkling water with berries or other citrus.

5. Be Smart. The game is long, so pace yourself. Use a plate and be mindful of the amounts you are consuming. It is easy to get carried away eating and watching the game. It is a fun event, so keep it simple and choose wisely.

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