Green Monday

October 8, 2014
Meatless Monday

Residential Dining Services is committed to sustainability and we have various events that take place throughout the year to show our commitment. With that goal, we have been offering Green Mondays at three of our dining commons. During Green Monday a vegetarian menu is served all day at one dining common. Green Mondays rotate to a different dining common each month and only one dining common is offering a Green Monday menu at a time.

So why go green on Green Monday? Because it may reduce your risk for developing conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, but it also helps our environment! As you know we are currently in a drought. To put it into perspective I like to compare foods and to see how much water they use. Did you know that it takes 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat? And consider the difference when one pound of wheat only uses 132 gallons.

When people think about a vegetarian diet they might think, no meat=no protein. Consuming enough protein on a vegetarian diet is easy and it’s possible to get enough from plant sources. Plus you obtain other benefits like consuming more fiber, potassium and phyonutrients. Did you know that all foods except fruit and fat contain protein? If you eat a wide variety of foods throughout the day you are likely to consume more than enough protein.

I encourage you to support Green Monday – our first event is Monday October 13th at DLG. If you have any questions about the event a Residential Dining Services' Environmental Intern will be present to explain more.

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