The following information is for UCSB Extension students, including the University Immersion Program (UIP), who will enter UCSB in Winter or Spring, and want to apply for UCSB apartments. For Fall 2018 Housing, apply for the apartment waitlist below. We will offer Fall 2018 contracts to Extension students as we have vacancies.

university apartments
  • A limited number of spaces in the University Apartments may be available to UCSB Extension students. Regular matriculated students receive first priority.
  • You must have your UCSB Extension student number and your passport number to apply.
  • Submit a Winter/Spring on-line application between October 1 and January 5, for Winter; between January 15 and May 15 for Spring. The process is first-come, first-served. 
  • You are eligible to apply for the Undergraduate Apartments. Please disregard the application instructions for UCSB students.
  • If space is available and you are selected in the apartment lottery, we will email you a contract by mid-November for Winter, or by mid-February for Spring. You will need to complete the contract online according to the instructions provided for you at that time.
  • If you are offered and sign a housing contract, please be sure you understand the contract cancellation policy and the costs incurred.  
  • If you are not awarded a space, you will be placed on a waiting list until space becomes available.
  • If you have any questions about the online application process, please call University & Community Housing Services at 805-893-4371 between 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday, or e-mail your questions to housinginfo@housing.ucsb.edu.

The Spring application for the 2017-2018 academic year is now open. The waitlist for Fall 2018 opens on May 1, 2018 at 10:00am.

2018-19 University Housing Waitlist




Gender inclusive housing options are available for students that are transgender, transsexual, intersex, and other diverse gender identities and expressions. To inquire about gender inclusive housing options, please contact Mario Munoz, University & Community Housing Services, at mmunoz@housing.ucsb.edu.