International Students

international studenINTERNATIONAL STUDENTS who are regularly admitted students are guaranteed housing as long as they adhere to application procedures and deadlines. Please visit Our Communities page for the housing options available for each class level (freshman, transfer, graduate student, etc.) The Community Housing Office can help international students find privately-owned accommodations in the community.

Information & Resources

  • Housing during University closures: Residence halls traditionally close during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks. In order to accommodate primarily international and out of state students, we provide housing during closures for those who cannot go home. Students requesting housing during the breaks will be assigned to Manzanita Village or San Rafael Hall. Since the university is officially closed, only minimal services are provided during these times (i.e. no meal service and only emergency staffing.) Please indicate your request for this special housing on the personal preference form. 
  • Student Hotel: Residence Hall rooms are available for short-term stays before Fall Quarter begins. Reservations are suggested. All international students are required to attend CALI Training, which may be scheduled prior to move-in. Check with the Office of International Students & Scholars for the CALI Training schedule. The Student Hotel is a good option for students arriving early.
  • International students living in the residence halls during the academic year can move into their assigned residence hall the Wednesday before it officially opens and pay the Student Hotel rate. Please note, only minimal services are provided during this time (i.e. no meal service.) International students living in the UCSB Apartments will need to utilize the Student Hotel as the apartments will not be open before Move In Weekend.
  • iBuddy: the International Buddy Program is coordinated by Residential & Community Living. They plan trips and fun events, partner international students with American students to be study or language partners, and more! 
  • Tips for International Students Interested in Privately-owned Accommodations in the Community
  • Office of International Students & Scholars
  • Early arrivals: The Student Hotel will open in late summer to accommodate early arrivals. Reservations suggested. To inquire about an early move-in for the UCSB Apartments, please email Apartment Assignment Services.
  • For more information about the residence halls, please contact our residence halls contracts office. For more information about the university apartments, please contact our apartments contract office.
  • Exchange and Education Abroad students, as well as UCSB Extension students, should visit Our Communities Page to see housing options available to them.
  • If you are interested in a University-affiliated residence hall or apartment adjacent to UCSB, please visit Tropicana Student Living.