ResNet Remote Printing: Anywhere, Anytime

September 11, 2014

Some students may choose to bring their own printer with them, but it definitely isn't necessary. ResNet provides high quality laser printing services to all current residents of UCSB Housing. This service will allow residents to print from anywhere on ResNet (wired or wireless) to any laser printer located at the residence hall front desks. An accumulated charge of $.10 per page will be billed to your BARC account at the end of each month.

For information on how to set up your Mac or PC to do remote printing, check out this website:*

There are many on campus that provide printing services as well. Here are a few:

*only viewable from within the UCSB network

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This page is useless. Lots of talk about how great the service is without instructions on how to use it or even a clear link to the web print page.

ResNet Remote Printing

Hi, sorry you're confused. There is a link to the instruction page though. Here it is again: You have to be on our network to view this page.

Free Printing

Hi! I heard something about honors/regents scholar students getting free printing.. is this true? And if so, where would we get the free printing, in our residence hall or in the library?

free printing

hi, i don't know about free printing specifically for honors/regents scholars, but I do know that you can get 200 pages per quarter of free printing from


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