Housing Contract Process for Incoming #UCSB Transfer #Gauchos

May 2, 2016
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Transfer students: The deadline to submit your SIR is June 1st. Already committed? Congrats on making the decision to attend UCSB! Here’s some more information about how the 2016-2017 Transfer Housing Application process works, which opens today, May 1st through June 10th. 

Transfer students are guaranteed a space in the University apartments as long as you submit an application by June 10. Once you've submitted your SIR and established your UCSB Net ID, you’ll be able to log in to complete the housing application.  

On the application, these are the choices in the drop-down menu for 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences: (The residence names are not listed on the drop-down menu.)

At this point, the preferences are merely for analytical purposes. By June 17th, you'll be assigned a specific “pass time” based on a random lottery number that will reflect when the self-assignment process will open for you. This is the process by which you will complete an online contract and select your apartment from the remaining available spaces. The pass times will begin as early as June 20th and the self-assignment process will be open through June 30th. The pass time reflects the earliest time you can log on to the self-assign process. If you have roommates, you should coordinate so the person with the earliest pass time does the booking for all of you. We will send information via email after June 10 that explains how the process works and we'll give you a link to the roommate PIN creation tool that you will need to use to utilize roommate pull-in. If you don't have a preferred roommate, during the self-assignment process you'll complete the roommate preference questionnaire. Potential roommates will be able to see your answers to determine if they're compatible with you. Likewise, you'll be able to see other peoples' answers as well.

Have any further questions? Let us know in the comments or ask us on our Facebook Page! We’re here to help!


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Hi, no pots, pans or microwaves (except I believe that Sierra Madre has the latter.) You can find more info here: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/undergraduate-apartments/undergraduate-apartments-general-information Thanks!

Sierra Madre Apt Details

Hello, I have a few questions about the Sierra Madre Village apartments: 1. Is there carpeting? 2. Could you also tell me what the apartments are furnished with? I know that they include a microwave and the basics (bed, desks, drawers, coffee tables, couch etc.), but I was wondering whether or not Sierra Madre specifically is already furnished with trash cans, lamps (floor and desk), closet door mirrors, and shower curtains. 3. Can the beds be raised to a bunk bed or to store things underneath? 4. Are the stoves electric or gas? Thank you so much in advance!

sierra madre

hi, some of the answers to your questions are on these pages... http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/undergraduate-apartments/undergraduate-apartments-general-information & http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/residences/sierra-madre.. There is carpeting and lamps. I'll respond again when I have more information. Thanks!

sierra madre

There will be trash cans, large mirrors in the bathrooms (but no floor length), and shower curtains. The stoves are electric. The beds aren't designed to be bunked, but there is ample storage underneath the bed and the closets.

Sierra Madre Newsletter

When will the Sierra Madre newsletter be posted? I would like to know what is being offered in the apartments before the last weekend before move-in so that I can buy the necessary items. Thanks.

sierra madre newsletter

hi, we're trying to find out. Thanks for your patience!

sierra madre newsletter

It's posted! https://static.housing.ucsb.edu/aptliving/WestEnd-welcome.pdf Sorry for the delay.


When do we get to choose our roommates?


hi Kylie, re-read the blog post: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/blog/housing-contract-process-incoming-ucsb-transfer-gauchos We just added more info that will answer your question. Thanks for the prompt! :-)

athlete transfer students

what if you are an athlete that transferred in spring 2016 but lived in a private apartment and now want to switch housing? do you still fill out a transfer student housing application or apply as a current student? also, can you move-in the end of july when they are supposed to be back at school for practices?

athlete transfer students

Hi Cheree, Unfortunately, you would not have access to the Transfer Student Housing Application. You will have to file a petition here: https://info.housing.ucsb.edu/Petition.aspx. If you have any questions feel free to call our Apartment Assignments Office at 805.893.4021. Hope this helps! Mandy

San Clemente housing

Will there be single occupancy rooms avialable to transfer students for 2016-2017 academic year? San Clemente is listed above as an option for transfer students, will a single occupancy be convereted to double occupancy and rate?

san clemente housing

Hi, unfortunately more graduate students than anticipated will be living in San Clemente, leaving less space for undergrad students. Most likely the only apartments available for transfer students will be doubles or triples. Sorry!

Transfer Apartment

In regards to the on-campus transfer housing; are students obligated to occupy the room they self assigned? If all tenants agree to an alternate arrangement of roommates, will this affect the validity of the contract or be a liability issue? And in the self assignment process, does this reserve you a certain 'spot' in that room, or is it just that room? Thank you.

Transfer Apartment Answer

Hi Caroline, Yes, you will need to move into the room you self-selected BUT beds in that room are not designated and can be determined between roommate(s). If you would like to switch rooms within an apartment please have all parties call our apartments office at 805-893-4021. Hope this helps! Mandy


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